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Become A Poker Affiliate: Generate Income From Your Website

If you own a site without advertising you are wasting a huge investment opportunity. Online companies are clambering for extra advertising space on small websites throughout the World Wide Web. Why not add a little profit to a personal site and make it work for you?

Becoming an affiliate is not guaranteed moneymaking venture so don’t give up the day job just yet. But if you own a Website it can offer you a small subsidiary revenue. Becoming a poker affiliate is one of the more lucrative money making opportunities. It won’t cost you any money and will take very little time and all that the companies want in return is a little advert on your site to encourage people to their sites. If somebody chooses to follow the link and become a fully signed up member then you will be on your way to making your first online paycheque.

Becoming an affiliate in a field as rich as online poker is a tempting proposition for most. This is especially true when you consider the potential profits that are available to even the smallest affiliate. The multi billion dollar industry is creating sub-industries all over the Internet and elsewhere. In order to survive the poker sites need customers and the cheapest way of reaching these customers is through affiliate adverts. The poker sites don’t pay a penny until somebody uses your link to find them, but as soon as you send someone through they are willing to share the wealth. The most common way of sharing the money is by offering affiliates a percentage of the players payments for their lifetime. An affiliate can earn between 25 and 35% of this and depending on the player and how long they decide to stay at the tables, this can turn out to be a lucrative investment. In rare circumstances affiliates may also be offered a one off bulk payment of between $75 and $150 for leading a new customer to the site. These are far less common but available options depending on the affiliates personal tastes.

Becoming an affiliate is a fairly simple task. Search the Internet for an affiliate provider, vendor or even for specific companies. Each one may offer a different service and different types of pay out, but they are all fundamentally similar. Then sign up collect your advertising materials and your away. Funds will be collected in your account as and when new members sign up and you can sit back and watch the totals grow.

Whilst there are so many industries offering affiliate schemes the online poker sites offer a very good return. No need to pay money, gamble or anything else, all that is necessary is for you site owners to put a small advertisement on a personal Website and either promote it to death or sit and hope. So why not take your share of the poker pie? Companies are out there ready and waiting to hand over cash for customers.

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